Applications for Presence Detection

Robot Cleaner Drop Detection

trinamiX drop detection vor robot cleaner

Conventional drop detectors used to prevent robot cleaners falling downstairs can incorrectly detect dark floor coverings as being a drop to be avoided and so not clean such floor coverings. trinamiX Beam Profile Analysis technology provides a reliable solution for detecting drops as well as all flooring types and so helps ensure the robot cleaner performs correctly. Implementation uses standard low-cost electronic components including an infrared LED and two infrared photodiodes.

Key benefits are:

  • Low Bill of Materials cost (BoM) comparable to existing, less reliable solutions.

  • Robot cleaner performs as it should, independent of type of flooring material and color

Presence Detection for Industrial Automation

Fiber Sensor Applications

Sensors for detecting the presence of objects (Optical Sensors) often need custom set-up according to the color of the object to be detected. trinamiX Beam Profile Analysis technology analyzes the ratio of light intensity received by each of two photodiodes and so is not affected by different colored materials. The technology allows precise setting of the range in which the object is to be detected. Customers can develop products to set the range remotely via a digital interface such as IO-Link and also report object detection via the digital interface or via typical switching outputs.

Key benefits are:

  • Small optical aperture, system is not using triangulation.

  • Low Bill of Materials cost (BoM) no use of expensive PSD (Position-sensitive detectors) detectors.

  • Consistent results independent of type of material and color.

Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber Sensor Product Shot

Fiber optic sensors are often used as light barriers to detect the presence of objects in challenging industrial applications such as where there are high temperatures, a vacuum or where space limitations mean that conventional distance measurement devices cannot be used.

Implementing trinamiX Beam Profile Analysis technology in a fiber sensor makes it possible for the first time to measure distance through optical fibers. The properties of traditional fiber sensors can thus be combined with the advantages of precise, absolute distance measurement.

Fiber Sensors using trinamiX Beam Profile Analysis technology retain the separation of optics and electronics to suit challenging environments whilst providing key benefits of:

  • Distance measurements with a small measurement head

  • Consistent results independent of type of material and color

  • Robust presence detection on objects with varying reflectivity

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