Face authentication based on our patented technology Beam Profile Analysis

trinamiX Face Authentication is based on our patent-protected technology Beam Profile Analysis (BPA). BPA is an active measuring principle that is built on the combination of hardware and software: The object to be measured is illuminated by a light source emitting a regular dot pattern. The reflection of each light spot is captured by an IR camera and analyzed by our unique algorithms. From its specific beam profile, our algorithms extract information about the surface material of the measured object.

One “material” that plays an important role for biometric user authentication is skin. Here, the differentiation between human skin and other materials is used to verify a user’s liveness: While the system verifies the user’s identity (based on 2D facial recognition), BPA makes sure, the presented face is an actual human-being and not, e.g., a 3D-printed silicone mask. All these steps take less than 250 ms – to allow for a convenient user authentication in real time.

Built into face authentication systems, our technology increases the protection of particularly sensitive personal information.