Innovative Technology for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

trinamiX now enables coffee roasters to better monitor and control the purchasing and refining process of coffee beans.

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Facial recognition when mask wearing

trinamiX Beam Profile Analysis works where facial recognition fails due to face protection masks

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Next-generation of facial recognition

trinamiX joins Qualcomm Software Accelerator Program

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Hertzstück™ Detectors

PbS and PbSe near-infrared detectors with unique encapsulation.

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3D Imaging

Combining 2D and 3D information with material classification.

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Distance Measurement

Beam profile analysis to measure distance in a unique way.

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Welcome to trinamiX

We strive to enable humans and machines to capture and understand the world – for improved decision-making and security.

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  • Qualitätsmanagement

    Spezialist_in Qualitätssicherung und -kontrolle (m/w/d)

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  • Engineering

    Werkstudent_in Mechanik (m/w/d)

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