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  • 14. May 2024 - 16. May 2024

    trinamiX presents secure Face Authentication firstly integrated behind a foldable screen for smartphones at International Display Week

    trinamiX, a leading provider of biometric solutions, showcase their invisible integration of secure Face Authentication into a foldable screen for smartphones. The solution is integrated behind OLED and offers enhanced security and convenience for users, without compromising on display quality or device slimness. It will be demonstrated at the International Display Week, hosted by the International Society for Information Display (SID) in San Jose, USA from May 14-16, 2024.

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  • NPE 2024
    06. May 2024 - 10. May 2024

    trinamiX @ NPE 2024

    Meet us at NPE 2024 from May 6 - 10 to learn more about our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solutions. You'll find us at BASF booth #S19033 in Orlando, USA.

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  • NPE2024_trinamiX_MobileNIRSpectroscopy_PlasticsIdentification_Blog
    23. Apr 2024

    NPE 2024: trinamiX presents its full portfolio of plastic and textile identification solutions for packaging design, sorting, recycling, and quality control

    At NPE 2024, the Plastics Show in Orlando, Florida, trinamiX GmbH, a leading provider of mobile spectroscopy solutions and subsidiary of BASF, will showcase their versatile plastics and textile identification technology.

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  • Press photo - Feed analysis solution Intraco - trinamiX (Copyright: Intraco Ltd.)
    09. Apr 2024

    Intraco collaborates with trinamiX to include mobile feed analysis in their portfolio

    The aim of this partnership is to give Intraco and its distribution partners the opportunity to analyze the nutrient composition of feed with trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution

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  • trinamiX @ Analytica 2024
    09. Apr 2024 - 12. Apr 2024

    trinamiX @ Analytica 2024

    Meet us at Analytica 2024 from April 9-12 to learn more about our Consumer Spectroscopy and Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solutions. You'll find us at booth 413 in hall A2.

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  • Blog: analytica 2024: trinamiX presents flexible solution to make NIR spectroscopy accessible
    03. Apr 2024 - 12. Apr 2024

    analytica 2024: trinamiX presents flexible solution to make NIR spectroscopy accessible beyond laboratories for on-site material analysis

    trinamiX has expanded the accessibility of advanced NIR spectroscopy beyond laboratory settings with their Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solutions, making lab technology accessible to all, who are seeking user-friendly on-the-spot material analysis.

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  • 21. Mar 2024

    Portable authenticity testing device detects food fraud at the point of sampling

    Bia Analytical Ltd have joined forces with trinamiX GmbH to launch a ground-breaking new portable authenticity testing service that will offer customers along the food value chain a high-speed indication of authenticity at the point of sampling, taking testing out of the lab and into the supply chain.

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  • Blog trinamiX Consumer Spectroscopy Cosmetics
    19. Mar 2024

    trinamiX enables molecular skin and hair analysis with your own smartphone or beauty device

    With its Consumer Spectroscopy solution, trinamiX brings the power of the proven NIR spectroscopy analysis method to consumer products. trinamiX thus enables non-invasive measurements of biomarkers in skin and hair.

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  • trinamX_Visionox_ST_Face-Authentication
    21. Feb 2024 - 29. Feb 2024

    trinamiX, Visionox and STMicroelectronics present cost-efficient, secure Face Authentication system for behind-OLED integration in smartphones

    trinamiX, a leading provider of biometric solutions, has developed a system for invisible Face Authentication in smartphones together with top-class partners, Visionox and ST.

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  • trinamiX at MWC 2024
    01. Feb 2024 - 29. Feb 2024

    trinamiX presents consumer solutions at MWC 2024

    We redefine what’s possible! How? Meet trinamiX at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona from February 26 to 29, 2024, and experience our full solution portfolio for consumers live.

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