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trinamiX has established a powerful portable NIR spectroscopy platform. Together, we develop applications that drive your business and create value by leveraging the technology to unlock your full potential. Join us as a partner!

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By working together, we explore opportunities, share knowledge, and benefit from each other. Find out the best trinamiX partnership model matching your business needs by answering only a few questions below.
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To get to know your needs a bit better: do you make calibration results available via cloud-connected software, e.g. via web-based dashboard or mobile app?

In this case, our Integration Partner model will fit best to your needs.

Having no experience with NIR spectroscopy or related technologies is not a problem. In your case, we offer a partnership model which allows you to bring your application ideas to life on our mobile NIR spectroscopy platform.

In this case, our Development Partner model will fit best to your needs.

In this case, our Calibration Partner model will fit best to your needs.

The power of mobile NIR Spectroscopy in the palm of your hands

Product Image NIR Spectrometer [Hardware]
  • Reliable
    You can permanently rely on the performance of your trinamiX spectrometer – even under temperature or mechanical stress.
  • Reproducible
    Independent of how many trinamiX spectrometers you are measuring with, the results are consistent and reproducible.
  • Convenient
    Our Bluetooth-connected spectrometer enables you to transfer measurement data immediately and effortless.
  • Scalable
    In our world-scale production facility in Germany, we manufacture high-quality IR chips which meet highest demands. The chips are assembled in Austria/Germany.

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We also offer a broad range of applications to enhance on-the-spot decision-making in a single, handheld device. Our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solutions combine robust and powerful hardware, precise data, and material analytics. We leverage profound chemical expertise thanks to our being a subsidiary of BASF, the world’s largest chemical company.


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