Product Specifications

Premium performance with unmatched affordability – thanks to a turnkey solution.

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We set a new biometric standard to protect particularly sensitive information.

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Mobile Payment

Our solution fulfills highest biometric standards – even behind OLED.

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Face Unlock

Secure access in under 300 ms – protected by our novel liveness check.

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trinamiX Face Authentication

trinamiX Face Authentication is a turnkey solution based on a powerful hardware/software setup for smartphone integration. Its core is our unique method to make biometric authentication even more secure: The detection of human skin. Using trinamiX technology means incorporating a reliable, passive liveness check into face authentication. Our solution is the world’s first to fulfill highest security standards as defined by Android, IIFAA and the international FIDO Alliance, even while all hardware is integrated behind an OLED display. That is how we redefine the security of users' personal data.

trinamiX Face Authentication enables more secure and convenient smartphone applications for consumers, while allowing for an affordable and easy integration by manufacturers. As we own broad intellectual property rights to our technology we are fully independent on third-party IP.

trinamiX Face Authentication Features at a glance V2

Highest Biometric Security

trinamiX Face Authentication has been tested and certified according to the FIDO Alliance Biometric Component Certification Program, the IIFAA Biometric Face Security Test Requirement and the Android Biometric Security Test. It passed each of them with a Spoof Acceptance Rate (SAR) of 0 %, fulfilling the requirements of Android Class 3 (Strong), of IIFAA for mobile payment as well as of FIDO Level A/B and C (the alliance’s soon-to-be highest standard).

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trinamiX is certified by IIFAA Biometric Security
trinamiX is certified according to Android Biometric Security Class 3
Qualcomm logo reverse no white trinamiX is certified by IIFAA Biometric Security

We collaborate with Qualcomm Technologies to introduce our face authentication solution for smartphone integration to the market.


Our technology for secure face authentication can be applied in a broad variety of use cases across markets. While our strong product focus is on smartphone applications like mobile payment and face unlock, our research and development activities also involve automotive and access control use cases.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Smartphone: secure face authentication


Combining security with the ability to operate behind OLED.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Automotive: Driver Monitoring


Adding to the value of in-cabin payment and vehicle access.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Automotive: Driver Monitoring
trinamiX 3D Imaging Access Control: private and public buildings

Access Control

Reliably granting authorized users access.



trinamiX Face Authentication is based on our patented technology Beam Profile Analysis.