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Secure Face Authentication behind foldable screens

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trinamiX Face Authentication

Welcome to the new biometric gold standard

trinamiX Face Authentication keeps your most valuable data safe against fraud, third-party access and leaks. It even does so, while all necessary hardware is invisibly mounted behind an OLED display. Thus, our solution is the first of its kind to erase the need for a smartphone notch and instead allow for sleek, full-screen display designs. Together with manufacturers, we create smartphones that combine secure and convenient biometric authentication with a great freedom of design.

trinamiX Face Authentication ...

  • secures sensitive applications
    It is certified according to highest biometric standards – thanks to a passive liveness check that can differentiate between a real, physically present human and an ultra-realistic mask or AI-generated deepfake.
  • allows for a convenient access
    The unlock duration is less than 250 ms and our liveness detection performs without active contribution of the user – granting a touchless, frictionless authentication procedure.

  • unlocks new viewing experiences
    The solution can be integrated behind OLED displays. It allows manufacturers of consumer electronics to create cutting-edge full-screen designs without notch or punch hole.

  • is as affordable as it is powerful
    The combined software/hardware setup is easy to integrate into various consumer electronics – thanks to its small technical footprint and low hardware requirements.

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Hidden behind an OLED-screen trinamiX Face Authentication solution provides smartphone users with secure access to their sensitive personal data. The fast face authentication technology based on unique liveness detection guarantees the best user experience while fulfilling the highest biometric security standards. It protects your smartphone from spoof-attempts for secure unlock and mobile payment processes.

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By collaborating with our partner Qualcomm Technologies, we bring together two very complementary technologies, both focusing on maximum data protection: All software components of trinamiX Face Authentication run in the Qualcomm® Trusted Execution Environment. The biometric data collected from the user is thus fully protected against third-party access as well as any tampering during the authentication process. We presented the first demonstration of trinamiX Face Authentication integrated into the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 reference design during Snapdragon Summit 2022.


Press photo: Driver Identification Display behind OLED for Engine Start


We take the interaction between driver and vehicle to a new level and contribute to the next generation of automotive sensing solutions: trinamiX Face Authentication can be seamlessly integrated into the exteriors and interiors of vehicles. It adds to the security and comfort of vehicle access and digital in-car applications and provides automotive manufacturer a novel freedom of design choices as it can be mounted invisibly behind OLED panels.

Press photo: Driver Identification Display behind OLED for Engine Start

Threefold certification of highest security

trinamiX Face Authentication has been tested and certified according to the FIDO Biometric Component Certification Program, the IIFAA Biometric Face Security Test Requirement and the AndroidTM Biometric Security Test. Over a period of many weeks, our technology was exposed to countless spoof attempts including ultra-realistic masks and ultimately passed each test with a Spoof Acceptance Rate (SAR) of 0 %. Our solution is the only one which has proven to also reach these security levels while all hardware is invisibly mounted behind an OLED display.

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Try for yourself

Our evaluation kit allows you to test and evaluate the performance of trinamiX Face Authentication.


The technology behind our Face Authentication solution: Our patented Beam Profile Analysis



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