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From the health of our skin, over the state of our hair to our nutrition - analyzing and monitoring our physical state is incremental for our overall well-being and making informed decisions for a healthy lifestyle. trinamiX Consumer Spectrospcopy solutions introduce elevated personalization in the cosmetics industry by offering consumers the chance to unveil invisible parametres with a simple scan.

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Our near-infrared spectroscopy module provides an easy-to-use and non-invasive measurement of the moisture level of the skin or hair. Paired with smart algorithms and a user-friendly app, users will be enabled to monitor selected aspects of their health independently and reliably.

Thanks to an open API, OEMs, consumer brands, and developers around the world can leverage Consumer Spectroscopy, paving the way for future innovations ready to change the way consumers use mobile devices.

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Collaboration with Revea

We are excited to work with Revea, a provider of high-quality skincare science and customized care products that democratize dermatology and helps to put consumers in control of their skin. Together we strive to enable on-the-go health analysis through molecular biomarker measurement, such as skin moisture level. With our combined technologies, customers will be able to find exactly the right skincare products for their personal needs.

"By measuring the biomarkers through Revea's face scan and additionally with trinamiX's spectrometer, consumers can get a complete picture of their skin. Based on this, the app can recommend the right treatment that is precisely tailored to the individual skin. By measuring the moisture level of a person's skin, this technology adds additional insights to Revea's visual skin analysis.
This will further improve skin care recommendations, helping users to find the right treatment for their skin type and keep tabs on their hydration levels - all with a simple scan."

Troels Marstrand, founder and CTO of Revea


Our Consumer Spectroscopy solutions in the media

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Whitepaper: Tracking skin moisturizer application using consmer-grade NIR spectroscopy

Whitepaper: Tracking skin moisturizer application using NIR spectroscopy

The possibility to measure non-invasively makes NIR spectroscopy a powerful tool for dermatologic investigation of skin, analyzing the composition, such as lipids, collagen, and elastin of the epidermis and dermis. Targeting the specific absorption bands, NIR spectroscopy can determine the water content in the skin, which we will refer to as skin moisture throughout this report. Skin moisture plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity, water mobility, barrier function, hydration, and overall appearance.

Whitepaper: Tracking skin moisturizer application using consmer-grade NIR spectroscopy
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