IR Detectors

PbS and PbSe near-infrared detectors and arrays with a unique encapsulation for longer lifetime and highest detectivity at room temperature.

Hertzstück™ is a lead salt infrared detector with unique features

  • Small footprint through new thin-film encapsulation
  • Bondable contacts
  • Compatible with industry standard production methods
  • High sensitivity
  • Extensive quality control

Hertzstück™ infrared detectors are available as:


Applications for our detectors

IR Detectors Applications Flame monitoring

A broad range of possible use cases

PbS and PbSe near-infrared detectors HertzstückTM excel in various applications and industries, for e.g. gas sensing, moisture monitoring or spark detection.


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Learn more about trinamiX PbS and PbSe infrared detectors in our datasheets, application notes, whitepapers, and product news.



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