trinamiX's Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution

Identify textile types
at the push of a button.
Anytime, anywhere.

Improving on-the-spot decision making through NIR Spectroscopy

The path to high-value textile recycling starts with sorting

A major challenge towards a sustainable textile industry is fast fashion. Due to low-priced garments that are launched in several collections per year, the consumption of textiles is increasing rapidly. This leads to constantly growing amounts of textile waste in landfills or incineration. A big step facing sustainable and circular textiles is textile recycling.

By enabling flexible textile material identification at the push of a button, our solution ensures clean waste streams across textile recycling facilities worldwide.

And is followed by enabling flexible, non-destructive textile identification

We bring the added value that is most useful to you: Reliable identification of a variety of textile types. For this purpose, we equip you with a powerful tool for on-site analysis of diverse textile types and blends. Our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution combines mobile hardware, data analysis, and material expertise to identify and distinguish a broad range of textile types to support our path towards circular textiles.

Our solution at a glance

We integrated a proven technology into a handheld solution for remote analysis, consisting of:

  • A high-performance NIR spectrometer that detects a broad range of textile types and blends.
  • An easy-to-use app backed by advanced cloud data analysis for fast results.
  • A customer portal to manage results, download reports, and export data.
  • A detailed support portal providing comprehensive answers to your questions. Our expert support team is also on hand to help.

A powerful combination of mobile hardware, data analysis, and material expertise

Product Image NIR Spectrometer [Hardware]

Identify various textile types at the push of a button​.

  • Fast
    Textiles are identified within seconds, even without reading tags.
  • Mobile
    Textiles can be distinguished on the spot.
  • Easy
    User-friendly handling.
  • Robust
    Reliable results even during heavy use.
  • Non-destructive
    No disassembling of textiles necessary.

Shining a light on textile sorting

With our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution, we are delivering value towards circular textiles. Professionals are now equipped with a powerful tool for on-site identification of textiles and blends, which combines a well-established method (spectroscopy) with innovative data analysis.


Our offer for the reliable identification of a variety of textiles and blends

Our hardware combined with the available calibration module for textiles will bring the power of mobile NIR Spectroscopy into the palm of your hand. The fast, easy, and flexible identification of various textile types and blends including our mobile spectrometer, app, and customer portal is carried our by an ideal plug-and-play solution.

The solution supports a wide range of common textile materials used in clothing, furniture and household goods, for example: acrylic, cotton, nylon 6/6.6, polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT), polyester, polypropylene (PP), silk, sisal, viscose and wool. In addition, also textiles that are made from more than one material can be identified. These include blends based on acrylic, cotton, nylon, polyester, silk or wool. Calibration modules are developed, tested and regularly updated by a team of experts from trinamiX.

Our solution for textiles enables customers to make the invisible visible in only a few seconds and is focused on two main aspects:

  • Reliable conformity check: Improve your incoming quality control process with the reliable on-the-spot identification of different textile materials and blends.
  • Improved recyclability: Efficiently sort incoming waste into clean streams of textiles and process them appropriately for highquality recycling.

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Improving on-the-spot decision-making through NIR spectroscopy

trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution for Textiles

Textiles can now be easily distinguished with the simple use of a portable handheld device. From on-the-spot checks with a handheld device that fits into a user’s pocket to semi-automated setups where customers can integrate the solution into a sorting table for automatically triggered scans: trinamiX combines the advantages of multiple setups in a single versatile solution


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