Enhancing the safety and comfort of automotive applications

We take the interaction between driver and vehicle to a new level and contribute to the next generation of automotive sensing solutions: trinamiX Face Authentication can be seamlessly integrated into the exteriors and interiors of vehicles. It adds to the security and comfort of vehicle access and digital in-car applications and provides automotive manufacturer a novel freedom of design choices as it can be mounted invisibly behind OLED panels.

Photo: trinamiX Face Authentication Automotive Vehicle access

Frictionless vehicle access

trinamiX Face Authentication can be integrated into exterior, such as the b-pillar, of the car. Authorized drivers obtain a convenient, and keyless way to access their car. Thanks to our highly secure liveness detection, the car is protected against third-party access and theft.

trinamiX Face Authentication_Automotive_in-car payment

In-cabin sensing

trinamiX Face Authentication provides maximum security during novel in-car applications like digital payment. During the authentication, our unique liveness detection protects drivers against fraud. The technology is typically integrated into a driver display in the instrument cluster and can even be hidden behind the OLED panel.

trinamiX Face Authentication_Automotive_in-car payment

Partnerships with industry-leading market players

trinamiX is working with industry-leading partners to bring Face Authentication to the next generation of vehicles.

Collaboration with Continental

Continental and trinamiX are presenting the Driver Identification Display – the world’s first automotive display for the vehicle interior that combines three key functions in one package: reliable driver authentication for starting the engine, digital payment transactions via the vehicle display, and monitoring the driver’s attention. The display won the CES Innovation Award 2023. The advanced solution was showcased by Continental at the CES 2024 as well as the integration of our Face Authentication into the b-pillar. The access control system based on biometric user recognition is mounted externally in the b-pillar and unlocks the vehicle as soon as an authorized user is detected.

trinamiX Face Authentication integrated into B-pillar for secure keyless unlocking

Collaboration with Antolin

Together with Antolin, we have developed a Vehicle Access System, which allows drivers to unlock their car securely and conveniently by presenting their face. Drivers can easily enroll themselves and any authorized user, either right at the display in the b-pillar or remotely in a respective smartphone app. The system was recognized as a CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree.




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