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Protect sensitive data and restricted areas from unauthorized access with trinamiX Face Authentication

trinamiX Face Authentication helps to build secure, reliable and contactless access control solutions. The combination of 2D/3D face detection and recognition with our unique liveness check based on skin detection makes our software especially valuable for contexts with challenging security demands. trinamiX technology performs in real time (unlock duration < 250 ms) to allow for a convenient, frictionless user experience.

Incorporating trinamiX Face Authentication into access control systems allows you to enhance the protection of sensitive information, ownership and restricted areas – while granting authorized users safe and speedy access.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Access Control: private and public buildings

Private & Public Buildings

Our technology enables smart (un)lock systems based on 3D face authentication. In addition to verifying an authorized user’s identity, trinamiX Face Authentication performs a reliable liveness check through skin detection. The authentication process is fast, contactless and requires no user interaction.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Access Control: ATMs, Payment terminals, Kiosks

ATMs, Payment Terminals & Kiosks

We create truly secure access solutions: trinamiX Face Authentication is certified according to the smartphone industry’s highest biometric standards. The technology reliably defends fraud attempts by making sure only the authorized user can initiate payment transactions from a personal bank account. A reliable liveness check based on skin detection is automatically performed without any active user contribution.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Access Control: ATMs, Payment terminals, Kiosks

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