Certified to meet the highest biometric security demands

trinamiX Face Authentication has been tested and certified according to the FIDO Biometric Component Certification Program, the IIFAA Biometric Face Security Test Requirement and the AndroidTM Biometric Security Test. Over a period of many weeks, our technology was exposed to countless spoof attempts including ultra-realistic masks and ultimately passed each test with a Spoof Acceptance Rate (SAR) of 0 %. It thus meets the requirements of Android Class 3 (Strong) as well as FIDO BioLevel 2+ (highest level). Our solution is the only one which has proven to also reach these security levels while all hardware is invisibly mounted behind an OLED display.

trinamiX Face Authentication is Android certified trinamiX Face Authentication is Android certified

Android Biometric Security

To be considered compatible with Android, device implementations must meet their specific security requirements. The Android Biometric Security defines three classes of biometric strength: Class 3 (Strong), Class 2 (Weak), and Class 1 (Convenience). trinamiX Face Authentication was rated Class 3 based on, besides other criteria, the Spoof Acceptance Rate of 0 %. It is thus not only approved for integration into Android phones but has also shown to meet their highest security level.

trinamiX Face Authentication is IIFAA certified trinamiX Face Authentication is IIFAA certified

IIFAA Biometric Face Security

trinamiX Face Authentication fulfills the biometric security requirements defined by the International Internet Finance Authentication Alliance (IIFAA). The alliance was established in 2015 and jointly initiated by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Ant Financial, Huawei, Samsung, Alibaba and ZTE. The alliance aims to ensure the convenience, security and credibility of using biometrics as a method of identity authentication. Their trusted digital identity specifications are applied and supported on more than 1.6 billion mobile phone devices by 36 mobile phone brands around the world. With more than 800 million users of their accredited authentication solutions, IIFAA currently has the largest market coverage in China.

FIDO Biometric Component

The FIDO Alliance Biometric Component Certification was established globally to set a standard for biometric authentication methods. Their standard provides the means to make biometric security measurable and comparable – especially in accordance with the payment requirements of international financial ecosystem standards. trinamiX Face Authentication was tested in accordance with the requirements of FIDO BioLevel 2+, attesting it to be safe against Level C spoof presentation attacks (most difficult).

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