Elevate your business by combining your NIR Analysis expertise with next-level mobility.

We put the power of NIR analysis into the palm of your hands, anytime and anywhere.

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Together, we combine mobile hardware, data analysis, and material expertise

Based on our high-performance, easy to use and reliable mobile hardware that seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, we are able to improve on-the-spot decision-making. As an Integration Partner, we will provide you with a reliable mobile NIR spectrometer that perfectly integrates into your existing infrastructure. You will have the power of your NIR service available wherever you need it.

Our partnership model as a best fit for you

Table Calculator Integration Model Table Calculator Integration Model
  • NIR Spectrometer: Our mobile device brings spectroscopy directly to the site of the analysis.
  • Support & Service: Our team is at your disposal and can be reached via phone or mail.

The power of mobile NIR Spectroscopy in the palm of your hands

Product Image NIR Spectrometer [Hardware]
  • Reliable
    You can permanently rely on the performance of your trinamiX spectrometer – even under temperature or mechanical stress.
  • Reproducible
    Independent of how many trinamiX spectrometers you are measuring with, the results are consistent and reproducible.
  • Convenient
    Our Bluetooth-connected spectrometer enables you to transfer measurement data immediately and effortless.
  • Scalable
    In our world-scale production facility in Germany, we manufacture high-quality IR chips which meet highest demands. The chips are assembled in Austria/Germany.

Reliable results that you can trust

To ensure our innovative mobile spectrometer meets the highest demands in terms of precision, accuracy and reproducibility, we did and still actively do a lot of research, benchmarkings and comparisons. For these tests, we use our in-house developed calibrations for animal feed, as these kinds of samples are especially difficult to measure due to its biological inhomogeneity. Below you find a first insight into these test results.

Our accuracy was proven within an independent lab test (performed by VDLUFA), who tested our hardware on 108 wheat samples with two devices and wet chemistry reference. The results clearly show how close the measured protein results with our NIR solution were to the reference protein values determined by the reference method.

Another very important factor for reliable results is the device-to-device reproducibility. To prove this, we measured three wheat samples with each the trinamiX spectrometer, two benchtop NIR devices and one wet chemistry reference method. The results clearly show how close the trinamiX measurement results were – sometimes even closer to the reference value than the benchtop NIR.

Robust hardware with excellent spectral performance designed for outdoor use

  • Spectroscopic specifications

Spectral range:

Typ. 1450 – 2450 nm

pectral resolution:

1 % of wavelength

Signal to Noise Ratio:

>5.000 per spectral resolution element

  • Optical Components


256 pixel PbS line array detector

Lamp Module:

6 Tungsten halogen lamps
Replaceable by user
Lifetime > 100.000 scans (typically)

Sample interface:

Scratch resistant sapphire window

  • Battery


Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Scans per charge:

> 6,000

Your Data Security is our priority

We know that when it comes to sharing data and knowledge, a secure environment is a must-have. That is why we do not rest until we can guarantee the safest environment for you. All our IT services are hosted by the BASF in Central Europe, complying with one of the strictest data safety regulation laws worldwide. But we don’t stop there. By performing regular safety and penetration tests, we ensure that only you can access your valuable data.

Facts about our data security:

  • Microsoft Azure serves, hosted by BASF in Central Europe
  • All data is transferred via SSL and AES256 end-to-end encryption
  • Regular penetration and OWASP1 testing
  • Implementation of best practices in architecture and development
  • Open Web Application Security Project®

How we can work together most effectively

The success of a partnership depends on mutual commitment and contribution. We, therefore, rely on your contribution to integrate our cutting-edge mobile spectrometer into your system landscape. As in any project, a clear approach and transparent communication on eye level is key.

Grafik Integration Workflow Grafik Integration Workflow

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