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  • 17. January 2024   WIRED

    TrinamiX’s PAL One Helps Expand Recycling to New Frontiers

    Handheld spectrometer technology identifies the plastic content of objects, helping to simplify the recycling process

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  • 28. November 2023   MedCity News

    Why Consumers Should Care About Biomarkers — And How Technology Developers and Manufacturers Can Bridge the Gap

    More precise and consumer-friendly biomarker detection technologies are coming to market at a pace that can help users gain rich insight into their health and well-being from anywhere and at any time. This is especially important when it comes to preventive healthcare.

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  • 29. June 2023   What Car?

    AI predicts the car of the future

    Artificial intelligence has predicted what the car of 2035 will be like – but how close is it to reality? ...

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  • 29. June 2023   le journal de montréal

    La technologie au secours de la technologie pour contrer les vols de voitures

    Au moins deux solutions sont actuellement en développement utilisant des technologies de pointe pour contrer le vol de véhicules.

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  • 28. June 2023   Global Times

    With a focus on innovation and cooperation, MWC 2023 kicks off in Shanghai

    The Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) on Wednesday, bringing together global leaders from the mobile ecosystem.

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  • 09. March 2023   OnQ Blog

    Spoof-proof phones: Virtually un-hackable face authentication is here

    trinamiX is working with Qualcomm to unlock the world’s highest biometric smartphone security behind OLED display for use with Snapdragon platforms.

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  • 06. March 2023   Automotive Daily

    Biometric data recognition is coming to cars

    Trinamix Face Authentication identifies owners via facial recognition and can be used for payments. The latest and what promises to be the most effective method for preventing a bandit from making off with your car is a sophisticated biometric identification system from automotive tech giant Continental.

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  • 02. March 2023   La Vanguardia

    TrinamiX, una tecnología innovadora que pretende acabar con el robo de coches

    Según el Ministerio del Interior, en nuestro país se roban 100 coches al día. Si echamos cuentas, nos salen 37 000 robos al año, una cifra alta que, sin embargo, no es tan abultada como la de otros países europeos como Italia o Francia. La gran mayoría de estos robos son improvisados, siendo una minoría los que se han planificado con antelación.

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  • 01. March 2023   El Comercio

    TrinamiX: la tecnología que evitará de forma definitiva el robo de automóviles

    Es una pantalla multifunción equipado con una cámara de reconocimiento biométrico. Fue presentado durante el Mobile Wolrd Congress de Barcelona por Continental.

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  • 01. March 2023   XDA developers

    New trinamiX face-unlock sensor sits under the display and senses 'real skin'

    A new showcase of facial recognition software could change the way people feel and go about securing the private contents of their phones. According to Android Authority, tech company trinamiX showed off its new facial recognition software at MWC 2023, detailing the advancements it's tried to take for improving phone security. From what was shown, trinamiX' new sensor would be the industry's first as it sits under the phone's display.

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