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  • 04. March 2021   MaschinenMarkt

    Recycling Hit! Quickly distinguish PA6 from PA66

    trinamiX is well-known for its mobile solutions which enable plastic sorting.

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  • 09. February 2021   VentureBeat

    trinamiX unveils 3D imaging to stop facial authentication theft on smartphones

    The system can even be used behind smartphone displays, offering additional design freedom.

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  • 09. February 2021   BILD

    trinamiX introduces a secure face unlock solution that even works behind displays of mobile devices

    Thanks to the new face authentication solution by trinamiX, notches or holes at the top of smartphone screens will belong to the past.

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  • 09. February 2021   Android Authority

    Your next phone might have an under-display face authentication solution

    You might not have to settle for a thick bezel or notch just to get secure face authentication. trinamiX has introduced a 3D face unlock solution that can hide under an OLED phone display, making all-screen phones that much more practical without turning to fingerprint readers.

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  • 09. February 2021   Biometric Update

    trinamiX in-display biometric face authentication platform improves smartphone design

    trinamiX’ technology can provide secure 3D face authentication that is invisibly integrated behind a smartphone display, without the ‘notch’ typically associated with 3D technology.

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  • 09. February 2021   EBN

    trinamiX develops 3D facial authentication solution to remove the unloved smartphone notch

    trinamiX developed a secure facial authentication solution that makes the notch at the top of smartphone displays obsolete.

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  • 09. February 2021   TheElec

    trinamiX unveils the world’s first OLED embedded 3D face authentication solution

    trinamiX announces its secure 3D face authentication technology works even behind OLED displays. A live demo will be presented at this year’s MWC Shanghai.

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  • 09. February 2021   XDA Developers

    trinamiX’ new 3D software paves the way for under-display face authentication

    trinamiX introduced its 3D imaging solution for secure facial authentication that even works behind OLED displays.

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  • 18. December 2020   Plastverarbeiter

    Plastic Sorting with NIR Spectroscopy: A NIR Lab for the Pocket

    Plastics are too valuable to be thrown away. Innovative technologies can help us on our path towards a Circular Economy. One example is Mobile Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, which enables a flexible identification of plastics.

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  • 15. December 2020   Forbes

    Star Trek Tricorders? New Tech Puts Spectrometers Into Smartphones

    Ever wish you could just point a device at an object, take a reading, and get details on what it is and what it’s made of at a molecular level? Essentially, you’d have a Star Trek-style tricorder. Thanks to a startup’s work with mobile giant Qualcomm, the technology could soon be inside your phone.

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