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  • 04. December 2022   Ubergizmo

    trinamiX Live Skin Face Authentication Boosts Security

    trinamiX GmbH introduces a new paradigm that makes it much harder to bypass. Its system checks that a real, live person is looking at the sensors, and it’s all hidden under a phone’s OLED screen, with no notches involved. Now, it only works with OLED displays, so more affordable screens using IPS LCD won’t be compatible.

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  • 18. November 2022   Gear Diary

    Only a Live Human’s Face Can Unlock a Smartphone Protected by trinamiX Face Authentication

    We keep everything on our smartphones anymore — our personal files, photos, email, and messages — we also use them to store sensitive info like our credit cards and passwords. You’ve likely heard horror stories about how facial detection on Android smartphones can be less secure than using a fingerprint or a PIN, but trinamiX Face Authentication aims to change that.

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  • 17. November 2022   Biometric Update

    New design puts face biometrics securely behind Android phone’s display

    A three-dimension sensor maker says it has marshalled a pair of technologies to put biometric facial authentication completely behind the OLED display of a device running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 reference design. No punch-holes or notches are required.

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  • 17. November 2022   Know Techie

    New under-screen facial recognition tech scans for real skin

    Under-display cameras are a bit of a rarity in the smartphone world. A major barrier to their widespread adoption is their struggle to recognize faces accurately. Since they sit behind a screen, they can’t capture all the details required to distinguish a recognized user from an imposter accurately. But that’s starting to change. Qualcomm (the company that likely designed the processor in your Android phone) has partnered with trinamiX to support its under-display facial recognition tech in its latest chipsets.

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  • 16. November 2022   Allround-PC

    Osram: 3D-Gesichtserkennung während Snapdragon Summit 2022 gezeigt

    Im Rahmen des Snapdragon Summit 2022 hat trinamiX eine erste vollständige Integration der eigenen Face Authentification Methode präsentiert. So kam die Technik einem Smartphone-Referenzdesign zum Einsatz, in dem zeitgleich der neue Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 verbaut war.

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  • 16. November 2022   Gigazine

    AI function enhanced SoC 'Snapdragon 8 Gen 2' for smartphones announced

    Snapdragon Secure, a security function that protects Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, incorporates biometric detection technology jointly developed with TrinamiX, a German sensor manufacturer, so that spoofing using photos and 3D models is more reliable than ever before. can now be prevented.

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  • 16. November 2022   The World News Papers

    Trinamix’s face authentication optimized for Snapdragon cellular processors

    Trinamix, primarily based in Ludwigshafen, Germany, is making an attempt to set a gold customary for biometric authentication in Android gadgets. It has licensed safety from the FIDO Alliance, Android Biometric Safety and IIFAA for cellular funds. It additionally has a high-security authentication resolution that operates inside the Qualcomm Trusted Execution Surroundings.

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  • 16. November 2022   Tech Today

    Avere FaceID su Android si può. Anzi, a breve potremo utilizzarlo

    TrinamiX, in collaborazione con Qualcomm ha introdotto una novità altrettanto interessante: un modulo “invisibile” per il riconoscimento del volto e lo sblocco dello smartphone. Una sorta di FaceID per i dispositivi Android. Lo sviluppo del sensore di Trinamix è progettato per i display OLED ed è posizionato sotto lo schermo. Il modulo si basa su una telecamera a infrarossi.

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  • 16. November 2022   YouTube Channel TK Bay

    Best New Face Unlock Protection Technology From TrinamiX Qualcomm Tech Summit 2022

    Trinamix Qualcomm'sSnapdragon 8 gen 2face unlock technology is the latest and greatest in mobile security. With 3D imaging and 3D sensing capabilities, this technology provides an extra level of security for your Android device. Plus, it's easy to use and hassle-free – perfect for users who demand the best security possible.

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  • 15. November 2022   Venture Beat

    Trinamix’s face authentication optimized for Snapdragon mobile processors

    Trinamix, based in Ludwigshafen, Germany, is trying to set a gold standard for biometric authentication in Android devices. It has certified security from the FIDO Alliance, Android Biometric Security and IIFAA for mobile payments. It also has a high-security authentication solution that operates within the Qualcomm Trusted Execution Environment.

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