What do you think: How much money do you spend on online purchases per year?

You probably don’t count, so we’ll give you a clue: According to a study published by Statista, worldwide e-commerce sales will grow to 7.4 trillion (7 400 000 000 000) dollars in 2025. That’s quite a few online payment transactions.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Face Authentication: E-Commerce

Especially on your smartphone, mobile payment is easier and faster than ever. Unfortunately, it isn’t always as secure as one would wish. That’s why at trinamiX, we strive to do our bit when it comes to better protecting that 13-figure (!) amount – by providing the next generation of biometric authentication.

Learn more about how we take the security of mobile payment to the next level: https://trinamixsensing.com/3d-imaging/smartphone/mobile-payment/