91 % – that’s how many of you named biometrics (face authentication and fingerprint) as their preferred authentication method in our recent LinkedIn survey.

While our poll can only be a tiny snippet of what smartphone users care about, it fully matches representative consumer studies.
According to the 5th annual Global Identity and Fraud Report (2021) by Experian, consumers experience physical biometrics as more secure and convenient than traditional authentication. For the first time in years, passwords did not earn a spot on the podium in Experian’s report.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Face Authentication: preferred comfort

We hear you! That’s why we’ve made trinamiX Face Authentication not only a highly secure but also a super comfortable option: Our solution reliably verifies your identity and liveness (added #security!) in under 250 ms without any active user contribution. Try to beat that with a password.

Read more about the report: Experian

trinamiX Face Authentication: https://trinamixsensing.com/3d-imaging/3d-imaging-overview/