trinamiX Produces PbSe Chips Necessary for Breath Gas Analysis to Support the Treatment of Covid-19 Patients


We would like to inform all medical device manufacturers that the CO2 detectors necessary for ventilation of Covid-19 patients are within the trinamiX product portfolio.

In the intensive care required for patients suffering from advanced Covid-19, breath monitoring is essential. For this purpose, a special chip is required to continuously measure the CO2 level in the exhaled air.

trinamiX produces the required PbSe chips necessary for breath gas analysis.

The demand for ventilators has dramatically increased and worldwide supply chains have been interrupted at the worst possible time. Our production facility in Germany is up and running and we are here to support the medical device manufacturers where possible and if needed.

We all stand together in this moment of uncertainty and fear and trinamiX is here to be of service to the international community.

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Chris Eden
Chris Eden
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trinamiX News: PbS Chips

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