Dates and Events

  • IR Detectors 

    01. Sep 2021 - 03. Sep 2021

    trinamiX @ CIOE 2021

    trinamiX will exhibit its IR detector solutions at the CIOE 2021, Shenzhen/China.

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  • 3D Imaging 

    02. Sep 2021 - 02. Sep 2021

    trinamiX @ 3D Sensing for Consumer Forum 2021

    Dr. Stefan Metz, Director 3D Imaging at trinamiX, will participate in the 3D Sensing for Consumer Forum to talk about “Secure Face Authentication behind OLED for Mobile Payment”. The panel discussion is organized by Yole and takes place alongside CIOE 2021.

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  • NIR Spectroscopy 

    29. Sep 2021 - 30. Sep 2021

    trinamiX @ Plastics Recycling World Expo

    trinamiX will exhibit its NIR spectroscopy solutions at the Plastics Recycling World Expo in Essen, Germany!

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    Plastics Recycling World