Maximum protection for your mobile payments

trinamiX aims to solve one of today’s biggest mobile payment challenges: Its vulnerability. When it comes to the security of user authentication, mobile payment is among the most demanding yet most vulnerable smartphone use cases. Fraud attacks are already pushing security systems beyond their limits. The means to trick these systems, e.g. 3D-printed realistic replica of someone’s face, have never been more accessible – yet making spoof attacks increasingly attractive and successful.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Mobile Payment: biometric security prevents fraud attacks trinamiX 3D Imaging Mobile Payment: biometric security prevents fraud attacks

Growing demand for higher biometric security

Today’s biometric standards will no longer be sufficient to protect mobile payments in the future. Hence, accredited institutes and organizations for biometric security are currently raising the bar of their requirements. Common authentication solutions need to evolve in order to meet these security standards.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Mobile Payment: spoof-proof face authentication

Today’s face authentication solutions can meet tomorrow’s biometric standards by incorporating trinamiX technology. A realistic face replica, e. g. a life-like silicone mask with accurate three-dimensional shape, can make it through a standard system with 2D/3D recognition but will not pass trinamiX skin detection. This is how trinamiX answers the high demands of mobile payment applications.

Tested and certified

IIFAA Biometric Face Security

trinamiX Face Authentication fulfills the biometric security requirements defined by the International Internet Finance Authentication Alliance (IIFAA). Their trusted digital identity specifications are applied and supported on more than 1.6 billion mobile phone devices by 36 mobile phone brands around the world. With more than 800 million users of their accredited authentication solutions, IIFAA currently has the largest market coverage in China.

Over a period of many weeks, our technology was exposed to countless spoof attempts. It was finally accredited to be spoof-proof against these attacks, including ultra-realistic masks (Spoof Acceptance Rate according to report = 0 %).



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