Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solutions

trinamiX helps to improve on-the-spot decision-making through our new Mobile Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Solutions. trinamiX offers all the needed competences in a single, handheld device: robust and powerful hardware, precise data and material analytics and comprehensive chemical expertise thanks to our being a subsidiary of BASF, the world’s largest chemical company.

Through our BASF relationship, trinamiX has comprehensive and expert skills in chemometrics that bring value, speed and precision. The protection of your data has the highest priority for us and our highly protected data management ensures our customers a trustworthy data solution.

Based on powerful and proprietary hardware - including our in-house produced Hertzstück™ detector - we can quickly and accurately analyze the molecular structure of different materials in a wavelength range between 1-3 µm. We are able to offer customized solutions as the entirety of the hardware and the full software stack are owned by us.

Our technology complements your existing system and also empowers employees with no background in spectroscopy to reap the benefits by providing a ‘point and click’ solution that provides actionable results.

trinamiX is headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany. To achieve ultimate precision, quality, and attention to detail, our products are mainly made in Germany as well. If you require assistance, we are always available to be of assistance.

The Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution by trinamiX is a precise and trustworthy data solution that can be taken right to the sample.

Have a look at our infographic to learn more about we are helping our customers across the globe (Click on image to enlarge):

trinamiX NIR Spectroscopy: Infographic trinamiX NIR Spectroscopy: Infographic

Hardware & App

The trinamiX spectrometer is a robust device using our own internally developed and manufactured PbS-based sensor. Thanks to this unique sensor, our hardware can detect signals in the NIR range up to 3 µm, which gives the opportunity to determine more information compared to other sensor technologies on the market.

The spectrometer is extremely power-efficient, so that taking near-continuous measurements over more than one day without a recharge is now possible. In addition, the system works very fast (less than five seconds, including measurement) so that the user obtains actionable results quicker than any competing alternative product. For expediency and to allow for easy in-the-field results, the final result will be displayed and documented in our app for both smartphones and tablets.

For fast and easy sample name creation, our solution offers a QR- and barcode scanning mode so that the samples name is directly generated. This is one crucial element to prevent mistakes and ensure system-based product names.

Beyond the advantage having a solution at hand to ensure efficient documentation, all the data and results of measurement can be linked with other important product information – and everything can be linked into your internal system for broad usage.

Collaboration & Feasibility

For the individual need of our customers and their relevant use cases, we will create customized models.

A close exchange and broad partnership between trinamiX and our customers are essential for the best value to them and to ensure we continually develop and enhance our hardware and software to best meet their needs.

In the beginning of any customer relationship, we always execute a dedicated feasibility study to provide a fast answer to the customer if our solution can create the actionable results they need before committing to any purchase. These standard feasibility studies are always free of charge.

Beyond these feasibility studies, we are happy to execute joint development projects with our customers to help them develop a specialized solution for a unique use case.

Data security

The protection of your data has the highest priority for us and our highly protected data management ensures our customers a trustworthy data solution

We ensure that the data are encrypted at any time, both on the devices and in the cloud as well as during transfer between the devices and the cloud. The server for the cloud solution is located in Europe and data protection is compliant to highest standards.