trinamiX's Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution

Fast on-the-spot nutritional
analysis of terrestrial feed
and aquafeed

Instead of sending the sample to the lab, we bring the lab to the sample

Addressing the feed industry's most complex challenges

BASF Animal Nutrition and trinamiX have joined forces to introduce trinamiX' Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution to the feed industry. The collaboration brings together BASF's animal nutrition knowledge and trinamiX' expertise in mobile NIR spectroscopy to address one of the feed industry's most complex challenges.

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Knowledge of the nutritional content and quality of feed material is critical for ensuring that farmed livestock is fed optimally and efficiently.

This starts with the delivery and processing of quality ingredients at feed mills and ends with precisely formulated diets on the farm. With our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution, customers receive on-the-spot insights wherever feed ingredients and raw materials are moved, processed or fed.

Aquafeed solution by trinamiX

Our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution covers a broad range of applications:

  • Quality checks of ingredients and raw materials processed at feed mills and integrators
  • Precise formulation of diets on the farm
  • Constant monitoring of feed and raw materials at farms
Aquafeed solution by trinamiX

A powerful, cloud-based combination of handheld device, smartphone app and customer portal

Product Image NIR Spectrometer [Hardware]

Our hardware is

  • Easy-to-use
    Our handheld device offers intuitive handling and is operated at the press of only one button.
  • Reliable
    You can rely on the performance of your device – even under temperature or mechanical stress.
  • Reproducible
    Independent of how many devices you are using, the results are consistent and reproducible.
  • Convenient
    Our Bluetooth-connected device enables you to transfer data immediately and effortless.
  • Scalable
    In our production facility, we manufacture high-quality IR chips that are assembled in Austria/Germany.

Shining a light on animal feed

With our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution, we are delivering value where it matters most. Professionals are now equipped with a powerful tool for on-site feed analysis, which combines a well-established method (spectroscopy) with innovative data analysis.


Our offer for terrestrial feed and aquafeed

Now available: Aquafeed application

Aquafeed analysis with trinamiX Aquafeed analysis with trinamiX

With the introduction of our aquafeed calibrations, we enable customers to receive on-the-spot insights wherever feed ingredients and raw materials are moved, processed or fed.

At the push of a button, it delivers nutritional information about finished aquafeed as well as a wide selection of feed ingredients – for example cereals, oilseed, expeller, and animal protein meals. For these types of samples, users receive key nutritional parameters including moisture, crude protein, fat, starch and ash among others.

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New applications in the near future


BASF Animal Nutrition and trinamiX are working closely together to constantly enhance and expand the solution for the feed industry. Continuous updates via cloud ensure that all upcoming applications and features are always available to you without replacing the hardware. Due to the flexibility of our solution, it will also be possible to integrate it into your preferred systems for managing your feed formulations or sustainability issues.


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