Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution for feed analysis

Enhance livestock diet on the spot with your 'lab for the pocket'

Addressing the feed industry's most complex challenges

BASF Animal Nutrition and trinamiX have joined forces to introduce trinamiX' Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution to the feed industry. The collaboration brings together BASF's animal nutrition knowledge and trinamiX' expertise in mobile NIR spectroscopy to address one of the feed industry's most complex challenges.

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Gaining transparency on the quality and nutrient composition of feed is key when addressing livestock requirements. Differing needs across life and health stages as well as changing raw materials require constant dietary adjustments. A fast and reliable analysis of feed and ingredients ensures that those dietary needs are met.

Watch how we help you address these challenges

Shining a light on animal feed

With our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution, we are delivering value where it matters most. Professionals are now equipped with a powerful tool for on-site feed analysis, which combines a well-established method (spectroscopy) with innovative data analysis.

Grain Silage: On-the-spot analysis

Our solution is

  • easy-to-use, robust, and resistant to water, dust or dirt
  • tailored to your needs thanks to continuous further development of features and applications
  • cloud-based to keep all your data safe
Grain Silage: On-the-spot analysis

A powerful, cloud-based combination of handheld device, smartphone app and customer portal

trinamiX powerful combination_NIR spectroscopy solution

What we offer

Based on AUNIR's widely established INGOTLab database, our solution delivers accurate insights into a broad range of animal feed products, including forage, feed ingredients, and finished feed.

trinamiX NIR Spectroscopy Solution for feed analysis overview

Further information

Three benefits at a glance

trinamiX NIR spectroscopy solution for feed analysis benefits EN
  • On-the-spot decisions

    Our mobile solution lets you know what's inside your sample ‒ wherever you are.
  • Fast results

    Receive valuable insights within seconds to flexibly adapt your feeding routine.
  • Reliable analysis

    Frequent measurements ensure accurate results which you can trust.

New applications in the near future

On the spot feed analysis

BASF Animal Nutrition and trinamiX are working closely together to constantly enhance and expand the solution for the feed industry. Continuous updates via cloud ensure that all upcoming applications and features are always available to you without replacing the hardware. Due to the flexibility of our solution, it will also be possible to integrate it into your preferred systems for managing your feed formulations or sustainability issues.

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