3D Imaging for automotive applications

trinamiX is bringing their face authentication solution to the next frontier – automotive driver monitoring. Driver monitoring systems (DMS) are used to enable various applications that increase safety and comfort while driving, such as distraction detection or driver authentication. With its patented 3D imaging solution, trinamiX significantly improves driver monitoring applications: they not only become faster, but also more reliable.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Automotive: Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Using the trinamiX technology modules as input, the DMS can accurately and in real-time assess the driver’s alertness and ability to conduct safe driving practices and also help personalize the driving experience. trinamiX technology modules enable several must-have applications and also applications to enhance service and comfort, e. g. distraction recognition, gaze tracking and fatigue warning, head up display, personalized user recommendations, driver authentication or access control.


With the unique trinamiX technology not only the 2D image of the driver and a 3D depth map of the interior are detected, but also the material is classified. The data is transmitted in a single stream, generating a huge increase in performance. The trinamiX sensor system, consisting of a single camera and a laser dot projector, would typically be front-mounted in the cabin, and can even be hidden behind an OLED display. Even under changing lighting conditions, perfect interior recognition is achieved.



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