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Our Plastic Waste Challenge

Our plastic waste challenge is closed now.

Thank you for your applications. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received and impressed with the inspiring projects that have been submitted. If you’re interested in our solution, please visit:

trinamiX solution fills a gap in the recycling ecosystem

The solution begins with sorting

One of the major challenges on our path towards a circular economy remains the lacking recycling infrastructure across remote areas throughout the world. A key piece to establishing circularity lies in the first step of the recycling process: a clean on-the-spot sorting of plastic waste.

By enabling flexible remote plastic identification at the push of a button, our solution enables clean plastic waste streams wherever large industrial solutions don't fit.

trinamiX PA6 identification

Combining our technology with your ideas, we can contribute towards closing the loop

Imagine you were able to identify plastic waste at the push of a button with technology that fits into your pocket - what would that mean for our enviornment?

  • Plastic waste in oceans and rivers could be sorted right on the spot.
    Improve the quality and value of waste streams while freeing our waters from plastics.
  • Communities could be educated about a key stage in the recycling process.
    Create awareness around our plastic waste challenge.
  • What comes to your mind?
    Help us put our solution into the hands of those who create an impact.
trinamiX PA6 identification
trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution for Plastic Identification - our solution at a glance

Our solution at a glance

We integrated a proven technology available at recycling facilities into a handheld solution for remote analysis, consisting of

  • a high-performance NIR spectrometer that detects a broad range of common plastic types,
  • an easy-to-use app backed by advanced cloud data analysis for fast results,
  • a customer portal to manage results, download reports and export data.
  • A detailed support portal provides comprehensive answers to your questions. Our expert support team is also on hand to help.

Download our product flyer to learn more about our solution.

  • Watch our clip for an example of how our solution is put to work across the coastlines of Alaska.

About trinamiX


trinamiX was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of BASF SE. Based in Germany, we develop cutting-edge mobile NIR spectroscopy solutions which combine robust handheld hardware with intelligent data analysis and a mobile app.

NIR spectroscopy is a proven technology that trinamiX has integrated into a portable format for on-site material analysis. This way, we redefine our customers' ability to save natural resources.