trinamiX introduces its unique 3D imaging solution behind OLED: Most secure face authentication meets new design freedom for excellent user experience


trinamiX GmbH, a leader in 3D imaging and infrared sensing technologies, today announced that its 3D imaging solution for secure face authentication now also works behind OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) displays of mobile devices. Thereby, trinamiX’s technology succeeds to combine highest security standards for face authentication with new design freedom and excellent user-experience.

trinamiX 3D Imaging: secure face authentication solution

trinamiX added an additional security layer to face authentication: Its technology captures not only a 2D picture and a 3D depth map of the face, but also checks for “live skin” to recognize liveness – in real-time. Spoofing the unlock system of a smartphone with a realistic full-face mask, 3D sculpture or even a detailed 2D printout becomes virtually impossible. With real-time authentication, trinamiX guarantees a seamless user experience for face unlock, mobile payments and access control systems. The hardware consists of just a standard CMOS sensor and a near-infrared light projector. Now the complete system can be mounted behind the smartphone display.

trinamiX’s patented technology enables all-screen display

With the ability to bring its secure solution behind OLED displays, trinamiX offers OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) unmatched new flexibility in smartphone designs, which can now be sleeker and more consumer friendly. The previously required smartphone notch is made obsolete.

“We are very pleased to usher in this new era together with the smartphone OEMs,“ says Dr. Stefan Metz, Director 3D Imaging at trinamiX. “With our technology, users will no longer have to compromise as they benefit from the most secure privacy protection without sacrificing a user-friendly all-screen display.”

Premiere in Shanghai: trinamiX presents live demo of behind OLED solution at MWC

trinamiX will showcase a live demo of its 3D imaging solution behind OLED at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai that takes place from February 23-25. Interested parties are highly welcomed to visit the company’s booth in hall N2, D161 or to request a meeting before or during the exhibition.

Further information on trinamiX 3D imaging may be found here.

  • Watch our video to learn more about the trinamiX secure face authentication solution behind OLED


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