Belfast-based Bia Analytical Ltd. signs agreement with trinamiX GmbH to develop portable fraud busting testing solution for food

July 27, 2023

Bia Analytical Ltd have recently signed a head of terms agreement to partner with trinamiX GmbH to develop a ground-breaking new solution that will offer customers a rapid portable authenticity result at the point of sampling, taking testing out of the lab and into the supply chain.

Bia Analytical partnership Bia Analytical partnership

trinamiX is a leading provider of mobile Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy solutions. The German-based company works closely with partners from different fields to introduce on-the-spot material analysis for enhanced decision making across industries. Bia Analytical Ltd. develop methods using chemometric modelling and AI applications to help reduce food business’ exposure to the risk of food fraud. Such solutions are fast becoming the preferred methods to reliably detect economically motivated adulteration.

“We are thrilled to team up with Bia Analytical to unleash the full potential of mobile NIR spectroscopy in yet another exciting industry,” says Christian Nitschke, Director IR Sensing & Spectroscopy Solutions Business at trinamiX. “Our partnership is a great example of how our leading handheld NIR technology and software ecosystem are paired with extensive industry know-how and market access to create a true impact“.

Combining both Bia Analytical and trinamiX core competencies to develop an innovative solution, will allow clients to test ingredients and receive immediate results, enabling real-time key decision making. As easy as pushing a button, users carry out tests with a handheld device that is connected to an intuitive app for fast results. This authenticity testing solution will be especially useful in detecting food fraud at the point of sampling.

Dr Terry McGrath, Chief Technical Officer said, “I am very excited about this partnership, I have worked in the area of food authenticity for many years and see this as a huge step forward in our ongoing fight against food fraud. Together with our shared expertise, we are moving food authenticity testing out of the laboratory into the supply chain, allowing faster decisions to be made in real-time.”

Currently Bia Analytical are digitising their portfolio of lab-based herbs and spices authenticity methods to work on the trinamiX portable platform. This fusion of know-how will soon become an immensely disruptive technology to aid in the fight against food fraud.

About Bia Analytical

Bia Analytical Ltd. is a Belfast based food authentication-test development laboratory that began as a Queen’s University spin out company in 2020. Our vision is for Bia Analytical to become the future of food quality, authenticity and safety analysis. We have developed industry-leading food authenticity testing methods that can help protect the entire food supply chain against food fraud and offer reassurance that food products have been tested with the best food authenticity detection methods possible.

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