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  • Visual 02_trinamiX news release facial recognition while mask wearing
    03. Aug 2020 3D Imaging

    trinamiX Beam Profile Analysis Works Where Facial Recognition Fails Due to Face Protection Masks

    trinamiX Beam Profile Analysis technology can help existing facial recognition systems to recognize an owner and unlock their device, even while wearing a protective mask. trinamiX user authentication technology recognizes living skin and simultaneously measures the 3D features of a face. It also integrates seamlessly with standard 2D facial recognition algorithms.

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  • 01. Jul 2020 NIR Spectroscopy

    New Application for trinamiX Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Solutions: Plastic Sorting Made Easy

    trinamiX has developed a new application for its mobile Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Solutions related to plastic sorting and recycling. Using trinamiX technology, the diverse compositions of different plastics can now be precisely determined and thus distinguished via the simple use of a portable handheld device that combines trinamiX data analysis with a mobile app. As such, recycling and recyclability are improved, paying off for both the environment and businesses alike.

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  • 26. May 2020 IR Detectors

    trinamiX enables the miniaturization of CO2 measurement systems for mobile air quality monitoring and capnography

    Thanks to their fast response time and high detectivity, trinamiX PbSe detectors enable extremely accurate yet miniaturized CO2 measurements.

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  • 23. Mar 2020 NIR Spectroscopy

    trinamiX launches Mobile Near Infrared Spectroscopy Solution:

    A Powerful Combination of Sensor, Data Analytics, and Molecular Expertise

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  • trinamiX features 3D
    06. Mar 2020 3D Imaging

    trinamiX joins Qualcomm Software Accelerator Program

    Read more about our collaboration with Qualcomm: Their program focuses on accelerating the commercialization of new technologies through their direct access to smartphone OEMs. With this support we can develop our 'live skin' detection- technology as an element for the improved security of facial recognition in mobile devices.

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  • Fido Logo
    01. Aug 2019 3D ImagingtrinamiX

    trinamiX joins FIDO Alliance

    This cross-industry coalition has the mission to establish authentication standards to help reduce the world´s over-reliance on passwords.

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  • Sensor + Test 2019
    03. Jun 2019 IR Detectors

    trinamiX at the SENSOR + TEST 2019: Innovations in Distance Measurement, Object Recognition and Infrared Sensing

    trinamiX showcases its product innovations in 3D and infrared sensing at the SENSOR + TEST, the leading forum for sensors, measuring and testing technologies worldwide, in Nuremberg from June 25 – 27, 2019. Visit us at booth 1-364 in hall 1.

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  • LaserWorld StartUp Award
    31. May 2019 IR Detectors

    trinamiX at the Laser World of Photonics 2019: Innovations in Infrared Sensing, Distance Measurement and Object Recognition

    trinamiX GmbH showcases its product innovations in infrared and 3D sensing at the Laser World of Photonics, the world’s leading trade fair for Photonics Components, Systems and Applications, in Munich, Germany, from June 24 – 27, 2019. Visit us at booth 519 in hall A2. trinamiX is nominated for the Innovation Award and the Start-up Award 2019 of the Laser World of Photonics.

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  • ISO Certificate
    28. Sep 2018 IR DetectorstrinamiX

    trinamiX GmbH receives ISO certification

    trinamiX GmbH has received the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate by the independent testing and certification body of TÜV Hessen.

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