• 18. December 2020   Plastverarbeiter

    Plastic Sorting with NIR Spectroscopy: A NIR Lab for the Pocket

    Plastics are too valuable to be thrown away. Innovative technologies can help us on our path towards a Circular Economy. One example is Mobile Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, which enables a flexible identification of plastics.

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  • 15. December 2020   Forbes

    Star Trek Tricorders? New Tech Puts Spectrometers Into Smartphones

    Ever wish you could just point a device at an object, take a reading, and get details on what it is and what it’s made of at a molecular level? Essentially, you’d have a Star Trek-style tricorder. Thanks to a startup’s work with mobile giant Qualcomm, the technology could soon be inside your phone.

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  • 07. December 2020   Android Authority

    Your next Qualcomm smartphone could be a tricorder

    Smartphones are perhaps the closest thing we’ve got to Star Trek tricorders, allowing users to gather information around their world via cameras, sensors, and more. But Qualcomm and Germany company Trinamix are stepping things up in a big way, announcing plans to turn your phone into a molecular analyzer.

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    Android Authority
  • 02. December 2020   Venture Beat

    trinamiX’s molecular sensing lets smartphones assess the best cosmetics for your skin

    trinamiX has created molecular sensing technology that lets you use your smartphone to test which cosmetics would be best for your skin. But that’s just one of the potential applications.

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  • 06. October 2020   PhotonicsViews

    The Laboratory at Hand: Plastic Sorting Made Easy

    Evolutionary progress in miniaturization of optical components has enabled the development of hand‐held spectrometers. Cloud‐based computing and centralized databases provide practically unlimited computing power for classification algorithms and enormous spectral databases.

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    Photonics Views
  • 04. September 2020   international communicaffe

    Mobile NIR Spectroscopy: An Innovative Technology for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

    trinamiX now enables coffee roasters to better monitor and control the purchasing and refining process of coffee beans.

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  • 04. August 2020   elektroniknet

    Facial Recognition despite Corona Mask

    With Beam Profile Analysis from trinamiX, a smartphone can be unlocked safely and reliably using face recognition even with a mouth-and-nose protection mask.

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  • 03. August 2020   sknr

    trinamiX Allows Users To Unlock Their Phone With Facial Recognition While Masked

    trinamiX user authentication technology recognizes living skin and simultaneously measures the 3D features of a face. It also integrates seamlessly with standard 2D facial recognition algorithms.

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  • 03. July 2020   K-Zeitung Online

    NIR Spectroscopy On The Go

    NIR spectroscopy is a proven technology and used in laboratories around the world – the innovation is the portable format of the spectrometer and the sophisticated data analysis that can now be processed in the field via wireless cloud uploading. Thanks to the flexible system design, trinamiX continuously adapts its solutions to customer and application-specific requirements.

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    K-Zeitung Online
  • 02. July 2020   Recycling Magazine

    New application for near-infrared spectroscopy solutions

    trinamiX portable handheld spectrometer can now precisely determine and distinguish different plastics by combining trinamiX data analysis with a mobile app. The individual spectra of the plastics are stored in the cloud and matched with the measurement data of the spectrometer in seconds, allowing rapid ad-hoc analyses as well as further evaluations and downloads.

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    Recycling Magazin