Portable authenticity testing device detects food fraud at the point of sampling

March 21, 2024

Belfast, Northern Ireland; Ludwigshafen, Germany - Bia Analytical Ltd have joined forces with trinamiX GmbH to launch a ground-breaking new portable authenticity testing service that will offer customers along the food value chain a high-speed indication of authenticity at the point of sampling, taking testing out of the lab and into the supply chain.

The newly launched service allows anyone in the food industry, whether producer, distributor, supplier, retailer, or auditor to instantly test the authenticity of their goods anytime, anywhere. It allows users to make informed decisions, save time and cost as well as improving quality control and minimizing health risk due to food fraud. The service is supported by Bia Analytical’s world class laboratory that will further analyse any atypical or non-consistent results.

Bia Analytical develops methods using chemometric modelling and AI to help reduce food business’ exposure to the risk of food fraud. Such solutions are fast becoming the preferred methods to reliably detect economically motivated adulteration. Looking for a way to test food samples for quality on site, Bia Analytica found the perfect partner in trinamiX – an expert in mobile Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy.

trinamiX Bia-Analytical Food Authenticity Testing (Copyright: Bia Analytical Ltd)

“The use of trinamiX PAL One, a truly mobile device to measure the authenticity of a sample, is a real game-changer within the food industry. It enables unlimited testing anywhere across the supply chain, giving end-to-end authenticity confidence across your products.” Says Simon Cole, Bia Analytical CEO. “We are delighted to be partnering with trinamiX on this new service, they have been great to work with and very supportive and flexible as we have built our models. The PAL One device itself is easy to use, robust, and has been very reliable and consistent, this gives us and our customers great confidence in the results obtained from it.”

trinamiX’s solutions consist of a mobile handheld device, an easy-to-use app backed by advanced cloud data analysis and a customer portal to manage results, download reports and export data. The German-based company works closely with partners from different fields to provide world class solutions allowing on-the-spot material analysis for enhanced decision-making across industries. Bia Analytical have been digitising their portfolio of lab-based herbs and spices authenticity methods to work on the trinamiX portable platform.

“It’s stunning to see how fast Bia Analytical has developed robust models to detect food fraud using trinamiX mobile NIR solution,” says Christian Doerr, Segment Lead Sales / Key Account Management at trinamiX. “This collaboration is a great example of how advanced technology combined with in-depth industry understanding and focus on the customer are poised to revolutionize their field.”

Bia Analytical are committed to their mission of becoming the future of authenticity testing, with new industry-leading authenticity testing methods under active development, helping protect the entire supply chain against fraud.

trinamiX Bia Analytical - Portable Food Authenticity Testing

About Bia Analytical

Bia Analytical Ltd. is a Belfast born authentication-test development laboratory that began as a Queen’s University spin out company in 2020. Our vision is for Bia Analytical to become the future of authenticity validation. We have developed industry-leading authenticity testing methods that can help protect supply chains against fraud. Our world-leading science is delivered through, lab, remote cloud testing and portable platforms delivering a step-change in the industry.
For more information visit www.bia-analytical.com

About trinamiX

trinamiX GmbH develops cutting-edge biometric and mobile NIR spectroscopy solutions, which are used in both consumer electronics and industrial designs. The company’s products enable humans and machines to better capture data with the goal of understanding the world around us. This results in improved decision making as well as stronger biometric security. trinamiX, based in Ludwigshafen (Germany), was founded in 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE. The company employs over 240 people worldwide and holds more than 600 patents and patent applications.
For more information visit www.trinamiXsensing.com.


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