From solids to liquids: trinamiX expands NIR spectroscopy portfolio by transmission solution

November 09, 2021

trinamiX GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE, is presenting the latest addition to their pioneering portfolio: A portable solution to grant institutions and companies immediate insights into the molecular composition of liquids. trinamiX has once more successfully transformed the established method of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy into an accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use solution for broad usage beyond common lab applications. By opening up the world of what is naturally hidden from the eyes, the solution enables customers across various markets to make informed decisions – right on the spot, anywhere they are.

trinamiX NIR Spectroscopy: trinamiX launches transmission solution for analysis of liquids trinamiX NIR Spectroscopy: trinamiX launches transmission solution for analysis of liquids

For the past few years, trinamiX has been significantly miniaturizing NIR spectroscopy, thus bringing lab power to customers across various industries all around the world. Equipped with trinamiX’ Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution, they are empowered to perform detailed on-the-spot analyses of diverse solids, e.g., to identify different kinds of plastics during recycling or to assess the nutrient value of agricultural raw material. More recently, the company has successfully built upon their expertise and developed an additional transmission solution to grant detailed insights into what a given organic liquid is made of.

“Having a lab analyze your samples is time-consuming. It takes up to several weeks until you get to know what you’re dealing with,” says Nils Mohmeyer, Head of Business Development & Sales Spectroscopy at trinamiX. “Our customers will be equipped with a fast and convenient way to analyze a broad variety of liquids right on the spot, wherever they are. The waiting time is reduced to minutes.” Whether it is, e.g., people in small inhouse laboratories, at universities or right at production facilities: None of them need any NIR expertise in order to perform and interpret measurements – by using three integrated components: a portable high-performance spectrometer, cloud-based analytics, and an app to instantly show results on a Windows PC or smartphone. The whole lab can easily be set up right where it is needed, taking the complete NIR fingerprint of organic liquids with a wavelength range of 1450 to 2450 nm.

trinamiX is on their way towards transforming how NIR spectroscopy of liquids will be performed in the future. The first customer to benefit from these advantages is BASF’s brand OASE®, which offers highly specific solutions for gas treatment. With BASF as a strong development partner, trinamiX has successfully tailored their transmission solution to the compositional analysis of OASE gas treatment solutions. The result, so-called OASE digilab, enables OASE customers to continuously monitor the condition of their gas treatment process in real time.

OASE set a first example of how customers substantially benefit from trinamiX’ NIR spectroscopy solution for liquids. And there will be more: To offer their solution to customers across various industries and markets, trinamiX is continuously enhancing their solution, also by joining forces with further development partners.

For further information on trinamiX' transmission solution click here.

To learn more about OASE digilab, visit their website.

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