analytica 2024: trinamiX presents flexible solution to make NIR spectroscopy accessible beyond laboratories for on-site material analysis

April 3, 2024

trinamiX GmbH, a leading provider of mobile spectroscopy solutions and subsidiary of BASF SE, will present its versatile near-infrared spectroscopy technology at analytica 2024, the premier international trade fair for laboratory technology taking place in Munich. Visitors can meet trinamiX at booth A2.413 in hall A2 from April 9-12, 2024.

trinamiX has expanded the accessibility of advanced NIR spectroscopy beyond laboratory settings with their Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solutions, making lab technology accessible to all, who are seeking user-friendly on-the-spot material analysis. The core of the solution is the handheld spectrometer PAL One which provides fast, reliable, and actionable results and comes with easy access to the trinamiX NIR spectroscopy ecosystem. To cater to diverse user requirements, trinamiX provides multiple options to leverage its ecosystem.

Unlocking speed, efficiency and flexibility for labs and businesses
Mobile NIR analysis offers a range of opportunities for laboratories and businesses to enhance speed, efficiency, and flexibility in material analytics. While NIR analysis is a standard practice in modern material analytics, it is typically confined to laboratory settings and benchtop devices. This necessitates the collection and transportation of samples to the lab, resulting in additional steps, time loss, and increased expenses. Both laboratories and their clients have been seeking ways to mobilize NIR analyses and complement their existing desk-bound set-up without compromising quality. trinamiX is now unlocking this potential.

Tailor-made integration and customer-specific applications
trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solutions can be seamlessly integrated into customer’s infrastructure. The depth of integration depends on the fit to existing setups and individual business requirements. Integration can include deploying customer-owned chemometric models, connecting third-party software via API as well as customer-specific adaptions.
For example, laboratories and businesses currently utilizing NIR spectroscopy and having developed their own chemometric models, can deploy them into the trinamiX ecosystem. The integration will enable the applications to be utilized alongside the portable trinamiX hardware, thereby opening up new possibilities for value-adding services. This can attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, and improve overall efficiency.

Bia Analytical, a UK-based authentication-test development laboratory, has been adapting their scientific models to make them available within the trinamiX ecosystem. Thus, they can now provide a portable testing service to detect food fraud in herbs and spices to their customers. Simon Cole, CEO of Bia Analytical, says: “The use of trinamiX PAL One to measure the authenticity of a sample is a real game-changer within the food industry. It enables unlimited testing anywhere across the supply chain, giving end-to-end authenticity confidence across your products. We are delighted to be partnering with trinamiX, they have been great to work with and very supportive and flexible as we have built our models. The PAL One device itself is easy to use, robust, and has been very reliable and consistent, this gives us and our customers great confidence in the results obtained from it.”
Connecting the trinamiX ecosystem with third-party software can conveniently be realized. Fodjan, a German specialist for digitalized feeding management, is incorporating spectroscopic data collected with trinamiX’s solution into their smart feeding software. Carsten Gieseler, CEO of fodjan, explains: “The trinamiX mobile NIR spectrometer measurements can be effortlessly transferred to the fodjan software, where they are transformed into nutritional advice. Administrative actions are kept to a minimum.”

Ready-to-use applications: plastics, textile, agriculture and animal nutrition
trinamiX also offers ready-to-use solutions that provide reliable on-site identification of various materials, supported by pre-made applications. Currently available ready-to-use applications include plastics and textile identification, feed analysis and various agricultural applications.
They are being utilized for plastic and textile sorting, quality control as well as raw material monitoring and feed formulation. Thanks to their convenient handling with the mobile device, an intuitive app to instantly show measurement results and a customer portal for result management and data export, they can be used anywhere in the value chain and do not require lab skills.

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