Vehicle Access System by Grupo Antolin and trinamiX honored with CES Innovation Award

November 22, 2022

The joint efforts of Grupo Antolin and trinamiX have resulted in a prize-winning solution: The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) named Grupo Antolin’s Vehicle Access System including trinamiX Face Authentication a CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree. Based on its highly secure and convenient approach to entering a personal vehicle, the solution was highlighted as an outstanding innovation in the area of Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility.

The awarded system is the result of the previously announced collaboration between Grupo Antolin, a global supplier of technological solutions for car interiors, and trinamiX. It brings together trinamiX’s expertise in high-security biometric solutions and Antolin’s competence as an automotive component manufacturer. Together, they present the automotive sector with a Vehicle Access System to enhance future driver experiences.

The combined software/hardware solution is intended for seamless integration into the car’s exterior, particularly the b-pillar in the driver’s door. The system features a sleek display with intuitive user interface for a keyless access. ­Thanks to trinamiX Face Authentication, it allows drivers to conveniently unlock their car with their facial biometrics, while protecting the vehicle against unauthorized access and theft.

trinamiX Face Authentication includes a novel, patent-protected liveness detection and is certified according to the highest biometric security standards in the consumer electronics market. By combining 2D and 3D facial recognition with their unique skin detection technology to verify a user’s liveness, trinamiX raises the security and convenience of daily authentication.

CES Innovation Award 2023 Vehicle Access System Badge CES Innovation Award 2023 Vehicle Access System Badge

About CES Innovation Awards

The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products across 28 product categories. The Vehicle Access System by Grupo Antolin and trinamiX was honored in the category Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility. This category includes automotive and other transportation products and services that integrate technology into the driving or riding experience, whether by enhancing safety, navigation, improving the passenger experience, or enabling self-driving functionalities.

The announcement was made ahead of CES 2023, the world’s most influential technology event, which will take place in Las Vegas on Jan. 5-8, 2023.

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