trinamiX Multi-Pixel PbS and PbSe infrared detectors

05. May 2020 – IR Detectors

To support the demand for smaller and miniaturized multi-sensor devices, trinamiX has introduced PbS and PbSe Multi-Pixel detectors. These are available with up to 16 pixels on a single chip.

trinamiX Multi-Pixel detectors - in combination with application-specific optical filters - are ideal for detecting and monitoring multiple substances of interest. Due to the small chip size and the patented encapsulation technology, the detectors can be directly mounted as bare chips on a Printed-Circuit-Board (PCB), making the Multi-Pixel detectors particularly suitable for highly compact, price-sensitive application-specific spectroscopic devices.

The chip geometry, including the number of pixels and the pixel size, can be varied to meet customer-specific application requirements. This enables custom detector solutions that can e.g. perfectly match the beam profile of the incident light. Detectors can also be supplied with filters already mounted and so are ready for placing on the PCB assembly, saving the customer time and money in product manufacture.

All variants of the Multi-Pixel detectors can be evaluated using the trinamiX Multi-Pixel Eval Kit.

trinamiX IR Detectors: Multi-Pixel detectors with 4, 12 and 16 pixels


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