The invisible technologies under your smartphone screen

May 23, 2023
Trinamix_singleChart_OLED_V03 Trinamix_singleChart_OLED_V03

For years, smartphone manufacturers have been working to tap the best viewing experience for their users. One technology after another has been optimized to work from underneath or inside the smartphone screen – reducing the need for cut-outs and wide frames.

But how come you’ll still find camera punch holes and notches, if you want to enjoy the convenience of face unlock?

It’s because a display covering the sensor causes diffraction effects, which make it virtually impossible for common face authentication technology to reliably recognize you. The good news is: At trinamiX, we have developed an algorithm that knows how to eliminate these artifacts.

In November 2022, we finally brought the first invisible face authentication on its way, when we presented trinamiX Face Authentication integrated beneath the display of a #Snapdragon smartphone reference design by Qualcomm.

What do you see when you look at your phone? What technologies would you like to become invisible?