trinamiX Blog Series: Sorting out the Plastic Waste Problem

Sorting out the plastic waste problem

How Saahas Zero Waste is maximizing the recovery of plastic waste

Thursday, 30 Mar 2023

We’ve launched a new series called “Sorting out the plastic waste problem”, which introduces companies across the globe that have been equipped with our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution as part of our Plastic Waste Challenge. We’re kicking off the series with Arun Murugesh, Regional Director at Saahas Zero Waste (SZW), who talked to us about how they leverage our solution to maximize the recovery of plastic waste.

In a nutshell, what does your company do?

Arun: “Saahas Zero Waste partners with brands in India to fulfill their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements. We provide reverse logistics solutions for taking back plastic packaging waste which have been released into the market by the brands. By doing so, we leverage an extensive collection network that includes consumers, local bodies, waste aggregators and informal waste collectors. Also through our Zero Waste Program we manage waste and bring it back into a circular supply chain as recycled products."

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What are the main challenges in your daily operations?

“We manage more than 100 metric tons of waste every day. However, not all collected plastics contribute to maximum value realisation. At least 30% of plastic waste is categorised as low value material. There is a big shortage of authorised recycling infrastructure for certain grades of plastics in the region. The result: plastic waste is downcycled through crude recovery methods – or even worse, dumped or burnt in open air.”

In this context, improving the identification of plastic waste can open up new opportunities by triggering viable business models in managing plastics responsibly. By enhancing overall resource recovery, we are contributing to an improved closed loop recycling solution.”

How does trinamiX’s solution come into play?

“The compact design of trinamiX’s handheld solution makes it easy to identify plastics at the sorting facilities. By first identifying the plastic, we are able to share data with recyclers and align sorting process accordingly. Furthermore, it is an efficient quality control tool that will help in consistent in feedstock supply to recyclers."

At the end of the day, we’re aiming for maximise resource recovery of low value plastics while helping to gain transparency about different categories of unsorted plastic we collect. This will eventually lead to reducing the contamination of different plastics during the sorting process.”

About Saahas Waste Management Pvt Ltd (SWMPL)

Saahas Waste Management Pvt Ltd is a social enterprise offering integrated waste management services to bulk waste generators in Bengaluru, Chennai and Goa. The company was registered in June 2013 to offer professional services to corporates, apartments and government institutions and is empanelled by the BBMP to offer waste management services. Over the years Saahas Zero Waste has extended its portfolio to include consulting on policy and regulatory compliance for waste management as well as managing zero waste events and promoting a zero waste lifestyle through the sale of recycled products.

Saahas Zero Waste (SZW) has 10 years of experience in enabling national and multinational brands manage their Extended Producer Responsibility in India as per the Central Pollution Control Board rules. This includes managing the reverse logistics for taking back the plastic put out into the market by the manufacturers. SZW has an extensive collection network that includes consumers, waste aggregators and the informal waste collectors. SZW has also formally collaborated with authorised recyclers and end destinations.

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