trinamiX at K2022

Visit our Creator Talk at K2022

October 25, 2022

We’ll be part of BASF’s impressive booth that welcomes visitors to join our plastic journey. In doing so, BASF is exploring new ways in which sustainable action is possible in all phases of the lifecycle of plastics: MAKE, USE, RECYCLE. If you’re attending the fair, meet the trinamiX team in the RECYCLE space!
In addition, we’ll be on BASF’s stage as part of a “Creator Talk” series where BASF innovations and new recycling solutions are presented.
On October 25 at 12pm (BASF booth in hall 5, C21/D21), Adrian Vogel will discuss with Maria Klein, and Justin Wood how we collaborate with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, bringing plastic sorting to remote areas with our technology.

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