PbS and PbSe detectors with custom windows

23. Jun 2020 – IR Detectors

trinamiX GmbH customers now have the option to order the Hertzstueck™ brand of PbS and PbSe detectors with custom tailored windows.

The standard trinamiX TO detectors have a broadband sapphire window which provides a continuously high transmission of wavelengths from ultraviolet (UV) through to mid infrared (IR). Whilst this broad transmission range can be beneficial for sensing applications where the detectors are only exposed to radiation in the IR range, it can be challenging for applications where the PbS and PbSe detectors are exposed to UV radiation e.g. from direct sunlight or high temperature flames. To prevent permanent detector damage in such situations, trinamiX now offers customers the option to purchase detectors with germanium or silicon windows. These windows cut off the UV and visual range of the radiation spectrum and so provide more versatility and robustness.

Furthermore, an optional anti-reflection coating can be provided to significantly improve the transmission in relevant wavelength ranges. This coating can be combined with any of the window material options.

Depending on customer requirements and order quantities, the standard sapphire windows can be replaced with other windows or can be stacked on top of the sapphire window.

PbS and PbSe detectors with custom windows


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