3D imaging for mobile devices: a powerful combination of design, security and speed

Benefits for mobile applications

  • Simultaneous 2D IR Imaging, 3D depth measurement and a unique material classification
  • Behind OLED measurement
  • Low complexity system setup
  • trinamiX proprietary technology
  • Robustness to lighting conditions
  • New freedom in display design - thanks to behind OLED
trinamiX 3D Imaging: New freedom in display design - thanks to behind OLED

trinamiX's technology allows OEMs to have unmatched new flexibility in their designs, which can now be sleeker and more consumer friendly. Behind OLED 3D imaging is the key to unlock design freedom for smartphone brand owners who strive for highest security through face authentication. trinamiX enables OEMs to place the optical module behind the OLED screen and by that maximizing screen to body ratio.

  • New level of security for face authentication
trinamiX 3D Imaging: security for face authentication

Improved liveness detection through unique material classification enhances security for critical applications and protects user data. The trinamiX 3D imaging system not only provides 2D and 3D information, but also skin detection, a specific subset of material classification which adds another layer of security to facial recognition by identifying if the user is a real, physically present human.

trinamiX 3D Imaging: security for face authentication
  • Excellent user experience in real-time
trinamiX 3D Imaging: Excellent user-experience

The face authentication solution by trinamiX works in real-time, enabling a seamless user experience for unlocking as well as mobile payment and more. trinamiX imaging system extracts all data, a 2D image, a 3D depth map and the unique material classification capability in a single data stream.


Demo video of trinamiX's secure face authentication solution behind OLED



trinamiX’s technology enables face authentication for behind OLED integrations. It supports Android 10 and upwards. Currently integrated with Qualcomm secure environment, it can be easily extended to other platforms, including open OS. For further information please send us an e-mail to info@trinamiX.de.