Enhancing the safety and comfort of automotive applications

We contribute to the next generation of automotive authentication solutions: Thanks to our unique liveness check based on skin detection, we add to the security and comfort of vehicle access and in-car payment applications.

trinamiX Face Authentication can be mounted invisibly behind OLED displays to provide automotive manufacturers with a novel freedom of design choices. Moreover, due to our secure, proprietary technology, we set the new biometric standard for authentication during in-car payment as well as vehicle access.

To learn more about our technology's benefits, visit our page on smartphone applications.

trinamiX Face Authentication Automotive Vehicle access

Frictionless vehicle access

trinamiX adds a reliable liveness check to sensing modules for vehicle access. Authorized drivers obtain a secure, convenient, and frictionless way to access their car. Integrated into face unlock applications, our solution can easily and invisibly be installed in, e.g., vehicles’ b-pillar.

Collaboration with Grupo Antolin

Together with Grupo Antolin, we develop solutions for a more secure and convenient vehicle access by integrating trinamiX Face Authentication into Grupo Antolin’s new product portfolio.

 trinamiX 3D Imaging Automotive: in-cabin payment

In-car payment

Our technology enhances user protection during in-car payment transactions. The liveness check based on skin detection rejects fraud attempts while allowing for fast and comfortable payment processes. Sensing applications for in-car payment are usually front-mounted in the instrument cluster and – using trinamiX Face Authentication – can even be hidden behind OLED displays. They are easy to incorporate into Driver Monitoring Systems as well as systems for Personalized Driving Assistance.

 trinamiX 3D Imaging Automotive: in-cabin payment



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