Premium performance with unmatched affordability

trinamiX Face Authentication is a turnkey solution that is available for easy and cost-efficient integration into various consumer electronics. It combines a dedicated hardware module with our unique software, which is built upon trinamiX's advanced algorithms for highest biometric security. Our solution is the world's only biometric authentication to fulfill the industry's highest security standards – even behind OLED.

Our technology sets a new biometric standard by simultaneously performing 2D face detection/recognition and our novel liveness check, which verifies a user's liveness based on the detection of human skin. Thanks to skin detection, even ultra-realistic masks with accurate 3D depth or AI-generated deepfakes are reliably recognized as fakes and blocked by the system.

That is how trinamiX Face Authentication closes a crucial security gap of available authentication solutions in the market – keeping users safe against fraud.

trinamiX Face Authentication hardware no baseline

Hardware module

The hardware is only 8 x 16 x 4.4 mm and comes with low hardware requirements for easy, cost-efficient integration.

  • Dot projector and illumination in one
  • Camera with VGA resolution
  • Compact design
  • Available for behind OLED integration
trinamiX Face Authentication software


The software analyzes the information from a single optical path to simultaneously verify a user's identity and his liveness.

  • Flood-illuminated IR 2D image
  • Face detection and recognition
  • Liveness based on skin detection
  • Certified for mobile payment
trinamiX Face Authentication software

Certified for highest security

trinamiX Face Authentication fulfills the requirements of Android Class 3 (Strong), IIFAA for mobile payment as well as of FIDO Level A/B and C (the alliance’s soon-to-be top standard). Our solution passed each performance test with a 0 % Spoof Acceptance Rate and a certification at the highest security level. Our solution is the only one which has proven to also reach these levels while the hardware is invisibly mounted behind an OLED display.

trinamiX is FIDO Biometric Certified Logo_reduced size
trinamiX is certified by IIFAA Biometric Security
trinamiX is certified according to Android Biometric Security Class 3
trinamiX Face Authentication Product Specifications Summary

Our turnkey solution ...

  • secures sensitive applications
    and is certified for mobile payment
  • allows for a convenient access to personal information
    while optionally offering a full-screen OLED experience
  • comes with an unmatched affordability
    thanks to low hardware requirements and easy integration

The technology behind

trinamiX Face Authentication is based on our patented technology Beam Profile Analysis.

We set a new biometric standard for more secure applications across markets

trinamiX 3D Imaging Smartphone: secure face authentication


Combining security with the ability to operate behind OLED.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Automotive: Driver Monitoring


Adding to the value of in-cabin payment and vehicle access.

trinamiX 3D Imaging Automotive: Driver Monitoring
trinamiX 3D Imaging Access Control: private and public buildings

Access Control

Reliably granting authorized users access.

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