A new gold standard for biometric authentication

trinamiX Face Authentication combines a customizable hardware reference design and our unique algorithms for maximum biometric security. The combined hardware/software setup allows for a flexible integration into various consumer electronics, particularly smartphones. It performs in real-time (unlock duration: < 250 ms) and from darkness to bright sunlight (100 k Lux).

Our technology sets a new biometric standard by simultaneously performing 2D face detection/recognition and our novel liveness check, which verifies a user's liveness based on the detection of human skin. Thanks to skin detection, even ultra-realistic masks with accurate 3D depth or AI-generated deepfakes are reliably recognized as fakes and blocked by the system.

That is how trinamiX Face Authentication closes a crucial security gap of available authentication solutions in the market, keeping users safe against fraud.

 trinamiX Face Authentication Reference Design RS 11_module

Hardware reference design

Together with our hardware partners, we have designed a compact reference design with particularly low hardware requirements to allow for the integration into various consumer electronics devices. Our recommended hardware setup including camera, dot projector and light source can be tailored to individual customer needs and requirements.

trinamiX Face Authentication Reference Design RS 11:

  • 6 x 15.5 x 3.3 mm in size
  • CMOS camera, dot projector and flood (940 nm VCSEL)
  • Operates on Qualcomm® Snapdragon Platform
  • Available for behind-OLED integration
trinamiX Face Authentication in Qualcomm Reference Design

Software including liveness detection

Our software combines 2D face detection/recognition with our unique, patent-protected technology Beam Profile Analysis. Its functionality is based on enhancing a regular IR image by laser dot projection and analyzing it through our proprietary algorithms. The software analyzes the information from a single optical path to simultaneously verify a given user's identity and liveness.

  • Spoof Acceptance Rate (SAR) of 0 % 1
  • Liveness based on the detection of human skin
  • Certified for highest security – e.g., for mobile payment
  • Protected by Qualcomm® Trusted Execution Environment
  • Unique approach allows for integration behind OLED
trinamiX Face Authentication in Qualcomm Reference Design


Protected by Qualcomm Trusted Execution Environment

The protection of sensitive data is our top priority. Our software is fully operating in the Qualcomm® Trusted Execution Environment. All user data collected during authentication is encrypted and protected in this environment – without any cloud computing involved.

Certified for highest security

trinamiX Face Authentication fulfills the requirements of Android Class 3 (Strong), IIFAA for mobile payment as well as of FIDO Level A/B and C (the alliance’s soon-to-be top standard). Our solution passed each performance test with a 0 % Spoof Acceptance Rate and a certification at the highest security level.

trinamiX is FIDO Biometric Certified Logo_reduced size
trinamiX is certified by IIFAA Biometric Security
trinamiX is certified according to Android Biometric Security Class 3

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1 The Spoof Acceptance Rate of 0 % was testified by accredited biometrics test institutes. Find more information here.

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