We are developing distance measurement solutions for a wide range of applications across different industrial segments. Our solutions can use either visible or infrared light, covering both visible and invisible use-case applications.

The trinamiX fiber optic sensor

The trinamiX fiber optic sensor is the first compact system in the world that can measure absolute distance through optical fibers. Key benefits for industrial applications using the trinamiX fiber optic sensor technology:

  • Separation of optics and electronics to suit challenging environments
  • Distance measurements with a small measurement head
  • Consistent results independent of type of material and colour
  • Robust presence detection on objects with varying reflectivity

Fiber optic sensors are often used as light barriers to detect the presence of objects in challenging applications in industrial applications. The fiber optic sensor from trinamiX combines for the first-time, the properties of traditional fiber sensors with the added advantage of a precise, absolute distance measurement.

Our unique measurement principle based on beam profile analysis is independent of object surface properties and is highly robust against lighting conditions.


The trinamiX Fiber Optic Sensor
The trinamiX Fiber Optic Sensor