Distance Measurement

trinamiX takes distance measurement to the next level by using our patented beam profile analysis technique. Distance measurement solutions by trinamiX can be used in various applications across multiple industries.

Distance Measurement Overview


trinamiX sensor systems are based on groundbreaking 3D sensing concepts developed in-house. They determine distance from beam profile properties, providing solutions beyond what older technologies such as time-of-flight or structured light can offer.

Distance Measurement Overview


The Beam Profile Analysis technology by trinamiX makes it possible for the first time to measure distance through optical fibers. The fiber optic sensor is a robust system, which measures independent of object surface properties and even under the most challenging circumstances.

Distance Measurement Overview
Distance Measurement Applications Overview


The trinamiX sensor systems enable different types of distance measurements for various applications across a range of industries. They work with visible or infrared light, to suit applications where either visible or invisible measurement beams are required.



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