3D Imaging Solutions & Applications

With the powerful trinamiX 3D sensing software, various applications are now for the first time feasible: In the industrial space, our imaging system is used in robot control for bin picking. Fill level, volume measurements as well as gesture control in cars are also easily possible.

The trinamiX imaging system has been miniaturized for easy integration into smartphones, where it improves current, easily-fooled methods for face recognition. The system not only provides 2D and 3D information, but also skin detection, a specific subset of material classification which adds another layer of security to face recognition.

The integration of the unique trinamiX technology into smartphones or laptops allows existing applications to be further evolved, such as developing enhanced augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. For the perfect snapshot, the improved autofocus and image processing provided by trinamiX guarantees higher precision and better quality of photos.